DIY Cactus Ring Holder

DIY Cactus Ring Holder

Happy Valentine’s Day loves! Today I want to share a really cute DIY with ya’ll. This DIY cactus ring holder is so easy to make and pretty cheap too! I’m a huge DIYer because I love making things myself. You get a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing you made it. 🙂



White Oven-Bake Clay– You can get it for under $10 at Amazon or if you have a Michael’s Coupon definitely use it on Polyform Sculpey Original Polymer Clay because it’s $28 full priced.

Acrylic Paint Set– Getting a bunch of colors allows you to have more freedom in creating your own custom colors.

Polyform Sculpey Satin Glaze– This adds a really nice finish.

Sculpey Bake & Bond– This will help bond the two pieces together so they won’t fall apart when being baked. I didn’t use this and had trouble with my cactus arms falling off. So I had to fix it mid-bake and really blend it into the body. I’m definitely using this next time.


First you’ll want to grab they clay and roll into a ball really working it together.


Flatten the piece of clay out either with a rolling-pin or put a sheet of wax paper over it and flatten with your palm. You want it about 1/2″ thick. Then use a round cookie cutter to cut out a perfect circle. Your dish isn’t going to be perfectly round but this will help guide a circular form.


Mold your dish. This can be frustrating if you’re a perfectionist, like myself haha. But I just had to accept the fact that it’s a DIY and that my imperfections are going to add character to it. So don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, I promise the final product will be so cute you won’t even notice it. 🙂


Make your cactus. If you have smaller hands make you body slightly thinner. You can also use one of your rings to size up how wide you want your cactus to be. I made two smaller pieces for the arms.

If you have the Sculpy Bond & Bake, you can use it to bond the arms on. I placed the arms where I wanted them and used a small knife and my finger to blend it into the body piece (I’m sorry I didn’t take a photo). Once you get your cactus how you want it then set it center on the dish and blend it into the dish clay. Smooth out any harsh clumps with your finger or clay tools.


Bake your clay according to the directions on the box. I baked mine for about 30 mins.


Once your clay is done cooling it’s time to paint. This was my favorite part because you can use and make any colors. Make it your own. 🙂


Aren’t they so cute?? I nearly freaked at the finished product. I love the colors and the glaze really made it look nice. Next time I want to add some little pieces for flowers.

I really hope you enjoy this project and I hope ya’ll have a great Valentine’s Day with your loved ones and friends. 🙂
Happy Valentine’s Day loves! Today I want to share a really cute DIY with ya’ll. This DIY cactus ring holder is so easy to make and…#Cactus #Holder #Ring

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